This potion should be consumed for one month, three times a day with a tea spoon. The  procedure can be repeated after six months.

The infusion of garlic is one of the things that you should own every person who cares about their health.

In addition, it is useful for projecting salt and salty deposits from the body, improves the working capacity of the organism, blood purifier, strengthens the immune system, blood vessels and heart.Garlic-Drink-Featured

Furthermore, removes excess fat and improves metabolism.

You can use it with women’s diseases and inflammation, and has all that cleanses the entire body of harmful deposits.

Best of all is that this drink you can prepare yourself.

The method of preparation:

-In The jar put 12 cloves garlic, and each slice should be cut into four pieces.

-Overflow with half a liter of red wine.

-Quit and leave the window, on the sunny side of two weeks.

-Every day shake two or three times.

-After Two weeks strain and pour into a dark glass bottle.