You might know many different methods to detect negative energy at your home, but the one we present you here is probably the simplest of all.

It will not only detect negative vibes, but it’ll also eliminate them, leaving your home clean and your family in harmony.

As a space of unity, your home gathers many energies – thoughts, feelings, and emotions emit certain kind of energy while attracting another one. Family members, and visitors can bring negative vibes with themselves, which might affect your overall well-being.

When negative vibes enter your home, they can affect your family’s overall life.

For instance, they can disrupt the harmony in your home by breaking the relationships between your family members, and even cause fluctuations in your budget.

Consequently, you will end up feeling restless, anxious, broken, and even without the will to live.

But, these consequences can’t be noticed early, so it’s important to learn how to detect negative vibes in order to prevent all of these bad things from happening.

Before you begin, ask yourself once again if the disharmony in your home is caused by something other than negative energy. If you can’t find the reason, begin this technique to detect negative vibes in your home.

Technique to Detect Negative Energy at Home

Fill 1/3 of a clear glass with salt, and then top it with water. Place the glass in a hidden spot in whichever room you like to test for bad vibes. Let it stay there for 24 hours, and warn your family members not to move it anywhere else.

The next day analyze the glass. If the glass is not like you left it and has smudges, the room has negative energy. But, if it’s just as you left it, you have nothing to worry about.

If your glass happen to have smudges, keep repeating the same process until you find it as clean as you’ve left it.

For more information about this unusual technique, check out the video below:

source: HealthLovePage