Thyroid often referred to as the guardian of the whole organism, but I will say that her disorder causing the already somewhat marred by the body.

Typically, this is the work of the adrenal glands or a disruption in the intestinal flora and the intestinal mucosa.

And now we come to most important – because of all this is today’s lifestyle, stress, pace of life, lack of sleep and relaxation, irregular and fast food, and non-listening own body, which is often the frak over the limit.Thyroid-and-Hair-Loss-In-Women

And it all up, there is an autoimmune disorder in which the blocking action of hormones will not do and in the end there will be operations that, if had you think about yourself and your lifestyle are needed.

We often think that it is impossible to harmonize life and have time for themselves, which certainly is not true, because if we do not reflect on themselves and not working on ourselves, we have no right to say that everything we do we does for others and do not get paid themselves.

Just kind of thinking is damaging to themselves and others, and that’s how we are unaware, or rather do not want to be aware of is often precisely that kind of pressure on yourself way to escape from their own and I cope with myself.

Let’s start with the fact that in the beginning we have to accept that we are the only and the most important being without which we can not work and we need the health and confidence of all the obstacles and successes in life.

But how is the hardest step, we will start from lighter items. When you receive a diagnosis of thyroid disease, it does not mean you should be a lifelong related to drugs or go under the knife.

If so then you think to yourself ruled. Nothing is unsolvable and to start you can not start watching life and myself through diagnosis, but start from the good things in you and in you, which ware far larger and stronger than any diagnosis.

Of course, I do not mean to continue business as usual, and to disregard the findings, it would be foolish and irresponsible, because it is a disorder and any disease means that we do something for which our bodies are dropped from the tracks, and we’ll have to get back on track time.

In no case will not tell you to discard the pharmacological treatment, it may initially be a temporary ally good until you change your lifestyle and way of living.

But if you’re ready to go from the start with the changes, along with herbs for balancing hormonal activity and proper nutrition and relaxation, pharmacological treatment will be necessary.

Let’s start with intestinal problems that are the most common because of the emergence of disorders and diseases in the body.

They are also affected by many influences – emotional, mental and physical, which often because deterioration of the intestinal bacterial flora which leads to penetration of food particles into the bloodstream and increase the activity of our immune system, such particles is considered a foreign body and attack them.

This process makes our immune system becomes overactive and begins to attack its own tissues, and it also created an autoimmune disease. Some foods especially encourage those diseases, such as cow’s milk, yeast and wheat products that contain high levels of gluten so it would be the same or completely out of food, or at least minimized.thyroid002

Certainly it should increase your intake of green leafy vegetables, especially spinach, Swiss chard, leaves of beetroot, lettuce, arugula, green herbs and the like, and the most ideal would be to make every morning beverage of the same in a raw state, which can mix with fruit for flavor and be sure to use olive, flaxseed, pumpkin and other cold-pressed vegetable oils rich in polyunsaturated essential acids – omega 3, 6 and 9 who’s lack, among other things can because type 2 diabetes, depression, insomnia, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

To strengthen the intestinal lining, it is important to include probiotics from fermented foods like kefir (I recommends obtain kefir grains from which the same is prepared for their own or Tibicos crystals, so-called. Water kefir) and sauerkraut.

Next up are problems with the adrenal glands that primarily addressed the control of stress and its reduction to a minimum.

Yes, you say, it’s easy to say, but if we want to have to import your life in the balance, it is essential.

The adrenal glands are responsible for producing cortisol, and the same gives us energy, quickness, strength, sense of purpose and passion for life and everything around us gets deeper meaning, in short enthusiasm.

When the secretion of cortisol increased what happens as a result of increased stress leads to fatigue of the adrenal glands and creates an imbalance in the whole system.

The balancing of the same will help breathing exercises, various types of meditation, concentrated prayer and various relaxation techniques, depending on what you as an individual responds to find their peace.

Great to be in one part of the day to devote to walking, working in the garden and the like, which greatly contributes to the expulsion of toxins from the body and eliminating stress. It is certainly important enough sleep.

The healthiest sleep from 22:00 at night to 6:00 in the morning and find a time where you will be given only yourself, your hobbies, passions and ambitions.iStock_000020748702Large

Sometimes it takes even change jobs, because nowadays everybody chasing after money and do the jobs that are empty load, and money becomes more important than their own health.