Some of you have certainly experienced that uncomfortable feeling – when you pain like a knife stabbed in the lower back. In some cases it can be very painful, lasts for days and prevents normal movement.

Back pain is most common among people aged 20 to 40 years and affects almost 60% of the population.back-pain

The most common causes of pain in the lower back area:

Back injury

Pregnancy and childbirth

Excessive sitting

Lack of physical activity

Pressure on nerves (herniated disc, osteoarthritis, crooked spines)

Compression fracture (resulting from strong pressure on the spongy bone)

The good news is that exercise can reduce and even completely eliminate back pain.

Below are some suggestions for practicing at home. (If you have serious health problems, before performing consults your doctor.

Pilates and Yoga

When back pain experts often recommend Pilates exercises. They encourage proper posture, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and awareness of your own body.

I must mention that Pilates exercises – despite popular opinion – not just for women. Men can practice Pilates and feel its beneficial effects on health.

In Pilates, it is important to pay attention to deep breathing, high head carriage, maintain symmetry and balance. Exercises are working slowly, gently and do not do anything that causes you pain.

Certain yoga exercises also can relieve or prevent pain in the lower back. Yoga has a relaxing effect and a beneficial effect on the health of the entire organism.


Swimming is an ideal sport for people with spinal pain, it relaxes and strengthens muscles.

Before you head to the pool, learn more about the proper techniques of swimming. Let the initially observed swimming instructor, who will improve your technique and give appropriate advice.

Swimming will be easier with the use of glasses or masks for swimming. To maintain proper posture can help buoy, life jackets or other floating objects.

In the pool, you can perform a number of other exercises to relax your back and muscle strengthening.

Watch your back and do not wait until you start to hurt. Exercise every day – that will prevent back pain, and with it will be a great feeling.