More than 85% of people can uncork their stuffy nose for less than 1 minute, if properly wash as below described instructions. This method was tested on more than 100 000 people.

A simple breathing exercise called “breathing method Buteiko” discovered by Russian doctors.

The essence of the exercise:

Sit on a chair and relax.

During the same exercise hold the mouth closed. This is a necessary condition for the successful execution of the exercise.

Breathe in through your nose (preferably) or through the mouth (if you can not otherwise).

Now hold your breath, squeezing the nose with your hand. Slowly nod.

At this stage hold the mouth closed. When you want to breathe – continue to hold compressed nose still nod.

Continue until you feel discomfort and necessity of breath. Do not bring yourself to state that the floods. Simply, how much you can endure.

Now let your nose and breathe. The mouth should still be closed.

One deep breath, and in the next few minutes breathe, quietly and calmly, sitting on a chair.

If there is a need – repeat the exercise.