Fat tissue in the head, neck, arm, and armpit is a benign growth that might crop up at any age. Medical these growths called lipomas.

In addition they may incur and atheroma, which appear as tiny beads or subcutaneous nodules.

Their dimensions are of a few millimeters to a few centimeters when they occur and visible change on the skin and it is necessary to ask for help from a dermatologist.

Sometimes lipoma – fat occurs only in one place in a single shift, although quite often linked this to our body found in several places and cause many inconveniences.

What is the real reason for the occurrence of lipoma, modern science has not been fully established, although it is important factor taken genetics, while overweight and increased blood fat levels not seen as the main causes of…


Recipe No.1

Make a smooth mixture with flour and honey and put on fat. Preferably, the mixture needs to have thickness of 0.5 to 1 cm. Place a paper towel, handkerchief or gauze over the mixture. Now you need to keep this natural cure for fat 36 hours, after that take off and put a new mixture.

The entire therapy should be kept until you replace the mixture 5 times (7-8 days). Then there will be improvements and visible results.

Recipe No. 2

Members of the older generation can certainly remember this recipe that eliminates fat tissue on hands, legs and stomach. It requires two bee stings directly to the affected area and after seven days it will disappear.

How to do it? With the proper tweezers to catch a bee sting and turn to the place where the fat and let it sting. We believe that you have already hurt while reading these lines, but the sting is not so painful.

This certainly should not apply to people allergic because it can reach very serious complications, hospitalization when necessary.

Recipe No. 3

It is necessary to enter as much selenium through meals to prevent the occurrence of lipoma.

Recipe No.4

This recipe sent us J.M. which was successfully removed fatty tissue on his wrist. Mix the egg yolk with two large tablespoons of salt. Put the mixture on the affected area up to 4 times a day, until the fatty tissues disappear.

Recipe no. 5

Add propolis drops to the problem area several days and fatty tissue on the head, arm, abdomen, legs will soon be gone.

source: TheTreatmentHerbs