Severe headaches can you pin down the bed and destroy all plans.

Pain that is often characterized by a strong and leads to the boundaries almost beyond endurance.

In order not to further poisoned pills to solve the normal headaches, use the really ordinary recipe.

All the necessary ingredients you probably already have at home, and the main among them – are.Migraine-Headaches-featured

lemon and salt

When you decide to solve the headache of salt, make sure that the salt you use pure.

It would be best to use Himalayan salt or sea.

Himalayan salt is recommended because it contains around 84 minerals, electrolytes and elements that have beneficial effects on the human body.

They help reduce headaches, strengthens the immune system, increases energy level of the body, balances the serotonin levels and electrolytes in the body and more.

The method is simple and costs nothing.

In a glass of lemon juice Put one teaspoons of salt, drink and get rid of headaches.