It may happen that you find yourself alone and get an intense pain in my chest and that spreads in the hands and jaw.

You may have training to help others in the event of a heart attack but not to help yourself!

For many people, the attack occurs here when alone, without anyone who can help them ….

The heart starts pounding irregularly and begins to lose consciousness.

A person has only ten seconds before he loses consciousness.maxresdefault

However, it can help yourself strong and frequent coughing. Before each cough should take a deep breath and a cough must be deep and prolonged as you need to cough up something from the depths.

Such a breath and a cough must be repeated every two seconds without giving up until help arrives or until you feel that the heart is stabilized and beating normally.

Deep breathing oxygen supplies the lungs and cough grip and “massaged” the heart and circulation is maintained.

It is helpful and press pressure over the heart. In this way we can bridge to go to hospital.

Any good this little drill just in case.