Garlic has a powerful disinfectant, antibacterial and anti-fungal activity which can easily be compared with the best antibiotics, but what happens if you eat it on an empty stomach?

The effect is much stronger!

Scientists have confirmed that consuming garlic on an empty stomach increases its effectiveness in terms of natural antibiotics because bacteria are detected and cannot be defended by the “terrible garlic”.

Garlic contains about 400 active ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals such as adenosine, amino acids, dietary fiber, vegetable fats, vitamin A, vitamin B1 and B2, vitamin C, iron, enzymes, essential oils, iodine, potassium, calcium, selenium, sulfur and phosphorus.

Regular use of garlic stimulates circulation and eases blood flow, lowers high blood pressure and blood fats, and heart disease. It’s  an excellent antioxidant.

This is only a few specific cases in which you garlic can be of great help.

1.Do you have on your body nipple or similar lump, put on this place piece of garlic, and close it. Leave overnight and repeat for several days until the wart is completely wasted.

2.Do you ear hurt?  Boil two cloves of garlic, so a few drops of drizzle in the ear.

3.In case of rheumatic pain rub the cut clove on the sore, the pain will ease up.

4.Do you suffer from insomnia, night eat a salad with garlic.

5.if you muscles heart eat garlic it relaxes the muscles.

How to consume garlic odor?

It is necessary to find smaller domestic garlic. We emphasize home because we are overwhelmed by the large and “suspicious” garlic imported from China.

Roughly hands peel the whole bulb on cherry or lobes. Take 2-3 small cloves and put them in a little water to stand for ten minutes. Then remove them from the water and simply peel the skin off with your fingers that can easily be removed with a wet and soaked lobe.

Do not use a knife because it is important not to damage nor cut the flap. He must remain whole and intact as the key to the use of garlic odor.

When you skinned sliced them drink a glass of water all over just as you drink tablets. Do this on an empty stomach, preferably at least 45 minutes before eating. And that’s all.

Just take 1-2 small cloves every day, and time of use adjust your lifestyle.

Note: Onions and garlic are not recommended for people who are actively engaged in spiritual techniques; yoga, meditation and practicing celibacy because according to Ayurveda considers food in a lower mode of passion and darkness. Such foods, regardless of the healing powers, too accept the central brain system, harassing, rooted awareness of the physicality and sexually stimulating.