Tuzlak Elvir D. (44) decided to tell how he was “saved” from knee surgery, with the help of only two ingredients, which we probably all have it at home.

Elvir in recent months felt terrible pain in the knees and the doctor recommended operating his knee, to help him painlessly stand on its feet. However, fear of surgery led him to seek yet another solution.

– By chance I met a lady who is involved in collection of teas and herbs, and I know that she reads a lot of books and he knows a lot about it, I asked for advice and immediately told me that there is one solution that has helped many people who came to her.

She suggested a mixture of apple cider vinegar and homemade salt in a ratio of 2-3 cups of vinegar and one cup of salt. You should all mix well and soak gauze in the mixture and wrap the knee.

– After the first day I felt relief and the pain was suddenly gone exactly after five days. Here for some time, I have no problem with my knees, and of course I canceled the surgery that I needed to go. I hope that this recipe will help other people.

Of course, we still advise all people who may have similar problems that before this natural enterprise still consult their doctor.