This Italian roasted potatoes recipe is speedy becoming my favored facet dish in my circle of relatives.

The reason is quite simple, these potatoes are incredible easy to make however they are clearly out of the international delicious.

I like young potatoes and they’re ideal for these Italian roasted potatoes.

Potatoes are quick to cook dinner and take best 20 mins from prep to dinner.

Just pick up the smallest young potatoes you can discover at your nearby shop the following time you go shopping.

I started off the potatoes on the range pinnacle, cooking them with garlic and Italian seasonings.

Top with generous quantity of Parmesan cheese and transfer the skillet into the oven and roast for 15 minutes.

To make matters even higher, top the potatoes with small butter cubes.

Let them melt and you may have the quality roasted potatoes you have got ever made at domestic!

source: rasamalaysia