This gymnastics is very light. We’re doing it in bed immediately after waking up. Preferably up to 6 AM. This exercise is for all ages, but especially for older people. For rejuvenation!

1. Rub your hands for a few seconds until they become hot. And at the same time check your bio-field. If it is hot, energy bio-field is reduced, if the hands are cold and wet, and then there is a serious disorder in the body. But no matter what, you’re doing this gymnastics, because it will help you get rid of all disorders and diseases.

2. Hot palms put on the eyeball. Make pressure 30 times. After keep your hands on the eyeballs and hold for 30 seconds. If you have bad eyesight, then hold hands for 2 minutes. At this point food goes into the eyeball from all around the receptor. Slowly the vision can be corrected if you make this regular and persistent.

3. Pump ears. We put hands on ears and pressed the ears 30 times in 30 seconds. If at the beginning to be hurt, then there are chronic. If the issue of chronic inflammation of the ears, it will take time. You can improve your hearing.

4. Face-lift. Put the finger behind the ear, hands clench into a fist and start face-lift of the chin to the ears, strongly pressed with facial skin, massage, also 30 times. After this exercise you will feel the flow of blood to the face, and the face may sweat. It improves the lymphatic flow and  tightens the skin.

5. Massage the forehead. Put the right hand on the forehead, left hand on the right. Rub from left to right, 30 movements. The activation of the pituitary gland and enhance the sinuses.

6. Head Massage. This exercise works on the parietal part of the head. “We fly” hands over your head. We make ring of hand (left hand on the right) and fly over their heads back and forth 30 times, and then from left to right from one ear to the other 30 times. The head should be slightly raised. This exercise normalizes blood pressure, and high and low.

7. Massage thyroid gland. Right hand put on the thyroid gland, the left hand to the right. 30 times with your left hand right hemisphere of the throat to the end of the abdomen, as well as to massage the energy centers, 30 times. In the end we put the left hand on the right and hold for a few seconds.

8. Massage the abdomen. Put the hands on your stomach. Right down, left, up, massage the stomach after walking counterclockwise 30 times. Normalizes the work of the abdominal organs, disappear close.

9. Hands and feet up. Rotate your hands in the wrist and leg in the ankle 30 times, after the shake. It improves the blood circulation in the capillaries, the small clean energy channels.

10. Rubbing your feet. Put the hands on each foot and massage. The whole foot, watch out what it feels like, is there any pain points. If so, rub them harder. Make special attention at the center of the foot, 30 seconds.