One of the most important things that will impel you to change thought patterns and is self-love. Repeat positive affirmations and responsibility will give you power. All diseases stem from unforgiveness, says Louise Hay.

No matter what the problem is, they experience only the external consequences of the internal thoughts. A thought can be changed. Changing thoughts and you change your life, says one of the most popular self-help book author Louise Hay.

One of the best-selling author in history, owner of the publishing empire and an icon of “self-help” movement philosophy that the way we think shapes our world has experienced in their own skin. world peace

I realized that when we love each other and accept, everything in life works, says Louise. After she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, Hay concluded that it is the result of her resentment stepfather and mother of child abuse and refused treatment.

She is dedicated to healthy eating, affirmations, visualization, forgiveness and release of objections and is completely taken over responsibility for their own lives. After six months the doctors know that cancer is gone. It was the confirmation by Louise awaited the philosophy that preaches and which is believed accurate.

She continued to work designing a concept of metaphysical causes of disease and to this day in the late eighties Louise gives lectures, writes and teaches. One of the most important things to change the thoughts and patterns, which is the basis for a change of life and healing on all levels, love is with yourself.

– Whatever your problem is, what the work should always be the love of self. Love is a miracle drug. If you love yourself, to create miracles in your life – explains Louise. Then you need to decide if you are willing to change and let go of beliefs that you damage. It is very difficult, but necessary.

– Be aware that it is an area that you do not want to change exactly what you most need to change and be ready to change when you start to happen – says Louise. As with the exercise of self-love, and here you can take advantage of a mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror and say: “I’m willing to change.” Then just watch.

If you feel resistance, ask yourself why you say: “I’m willing to let go of any resistance.”

Exercise mirror

Learning self-love can begin an exercise where you look into your own eyes in the mirror, say your name and adding: “I love you as you are,” advises Louise Hay.

Love is all around us

Love can be felt towards life, to another person, the process of cognition, but also the way the universe works.

Diseases originate from unforgiveness

All diseases stem from unforgiveness and whenever we are sick, we need to explore the heart to see who forgive, advises Hay. The very person to whom you most difficult to forgive the ones that most need to get rid of.

Forgiveness means that you need to give up resentment – not to approve of someone’s bad behavior towards you, but only to release because it will be good for you. To help you forgive someone who hurt you, try to understand that they have suffered.

– I understand their own pain, but most of the people find it difficult to understand that the people to whom we need to forgive also suffered. We must realize that they were doing the best they could with the understanding, awareness and knowledge, which at that point had – explains Louise Hay in one of the most popular book “You Can Heal Your Life” published by VBZ.

The objections that we reserve the cause of disease, and Louise Hay believe that the two thought-form those that contribute to the disease: anger, which can manifest itself as impatience, jealousy, resentment and bitterness and fear can manifest as anxiety, doubt or feelings of worthlessness.wallpapers-background-pattern-grunge-

Deep in my heart of the inexhaustible source of love

– How to get rid of such feelings, stop criticizing yourself and others. Accept it as it is. Criticism destroys the spirit and praise him stronger.

While speaking to you like in the beginning can be difficult if you persevere, you will eventually begin to actually think. When you love yourself, the overall life will reflect this love – is convinced Louise.

The Power

I believe that you create your experiences because they reflected a belief that you have about yourself. It does not matter how long it took or how the situation was difficult, the point of power is always in the present moment.

Everything depends on us

If we can use our diseases such possibilities that show us how we can change their own lives, then we have the power, says Louise Hay.


If you are willing to take the mental effort, almost every disease can be cured. We always have a choice to take responsibility for what happens to us, says Louise.

The road to healing

To be healed, anger and fear must be replaced by confidence in life. In order to succeed, we must learn to say “yes” to life. Powerful as a means to meet this objective affirmation.

– How to get rid of fear and anger and established a pattern of trust in life, use the following affirmation: “I’m willing to let go of fear ‘,’ I live in a safe world ‘,’ free of all destructive and suspicious thoughts ‘,’ I accept it and create peace in his mind and heart ‘,’ I have the power to make changes, ” I have divine protection ‘- advises Louise Hay.

To be even more effective affirmations, talking of them, from the moment you wake up.

– Start the day determines our whole day, and I believe that the way we start the day actually represents the way you live your life, but few of us are aware of that. That’s why people always first ask the question: what first say in the morning when you get up?

Over the years I realized that the most beautiful thing in the morning I can say: ‘Good morning, darling, I love you. Today we have a wonderful day “- says Louise. To be healed, it is necessary to look at the word “need” for you it can reveal a lot about your beliefs.

– With clients doing compulsory exercise “should.” I asked them to write a few sentences that begin with that line, and then ask them why they think you should do something. Answers vary, but many more are discovering, for example: ‘Cause I’m afraid’, ‘Because I have to be perfect’, ‘Because I’m too lazy / stupid / worthless …’. I believe that the word ‘need’ one of the most damaging in the language.

Every time you say ‘I should’, actually talking ‘I’m wrong’. So I replaced the phrase ‘I should’ word ‘may’. It provides us with the ability to choose and when we use, do not make mistakes – explains Louise.

Discovering the beliefs that you have is very important because they can begin to engage only when they identify.

– Form that is buried somewhere deep within us we must become aware that we are healed. Of course there will be resistance during the process and it is actually the first step in the process of healing. Resistance can be manifested in our processes, for example, by changing themes or leaving the premises.

But most important is that all the time be gentle with yourself as you began to love – says Hay..forgiveness

The importance of forgiveness

When we forgive and let go, with shoulders we waste an enormous burden. But that’s not all; it is precisely in these moments of opening the door to self-love, explains Louise Hay.

Say what you want

Every day we clearly express what you want in life. express it in such a way as to what you want (health, partner or business) already own.


Can you remember the wonderful feeling when you last in love? same feeling appears when you start loving yourself, except that then continues forever.

Relationship with ourselves let it be the most important, says Louise.