A headache can be very painful and effect on many elements of the head.

They are able to happen in the both sides of the head or to be more specific on the left or right side, it can happen only on the one side or can affect the whole head. And they can happen when you no least expect it.

If you want to instantly relief from the painful headache read this article because we show you how to get rid of it.

The ingredient for the remedy is one ingredient that we often throw away after eating the fruit.

This is about the banana peel. Yes you read right. Banana peel can help you with this issue and you will be amazed by the results.


People who have tried this banana peel method say that it works each time, without any exceptions.

What you need to do is take one banana peel and some ice. Next, put the ice inside the peel and stick it with a tape.

Then, take the resulting ice banana and put it on your forehead. Lay down in a quit and dark place for about 20 minutes.

Make sure to take a towel, to absorb the dripping water from the ice, once it starts to melt.

This banana peel compress will do its magic and shortly after you’ll feel better. In fact, your headache will disappear almost instantly!

Mainly because of the high potassium contents of the banana peel, which help soothe the pain.

However, if you headache persists for more than 20 minutes, you can keep your banana compress a little longer, until the pain goes away.

source: 24healthyhabits