In an era when the rate of cancer patients is growing, the need for alternative methods of  new cancer treatment  becomes even greater.

Dr Marti Pejgel from the University of Arizona Cancer Research, tested the effects of baking soda in patients suffering from breast cancer.

He received a $ 2 million grant support from the National Institutes of Health to conduct field research.

It is important to understand that any  natural cancer treatment acts differently on different patients and different types of cancer.

Traditional methods may well act on some and bad in others. It also has a major influence state of the human body at the time of receiving treatment.

Do patients have access to organic food and clean water? Do you believe and feel that they can overcome their disease? These are all important factors of any treatment.

Numerous studies in the past have shown interesting results when using baking soda for the treatment of tumors.lemon-baking-soda-combination-saves-lives2

Although research has not fully completed, preliminary results show a powerful action on metastatic tumors. These results encourage further research scholarships.

Dr Robert Gils and colleagues have already demonstrated the effectiveness of baking soda in alkaline the area around the tumor in mice.

The same researchers found that soda increases the pH of tumors and inhibit spontaneous metastasis in mice with breast cancer.

Lemon is also effective in the detoxification of the body. It is rich in vitamin C and help the body neutralize free radicals that damage cells.

Limonene, which is a substance found in lemons also helps to stimulate the lymph flow, which is important for the removal of carcinogens from the body.

Weak lymph system greatly encourages disease.

Lemon is also used to balance the pH. Taken together with the baking soda because it is believed that the lemon is one of the safest ways to get high-alkali substance entered into the system.

These methods of treatment are able to oppose the carcinogenic cells and destroy them without destroying healthy cells.

This is also a key factor, since it destroys all chemotherapy, including healthy cells.

Together, lemon and baking soda  and help fight cancer cells or disease, helping the body to cleanse itself of what caused the disease at the beginning.

Drinking lemon in the diet is very healthy, a combination of baking soda as a detox, can be effective even if you do not suffer from anything.Lemon-and-Baking-Soda

Here’s a recipe for one of the methods that include lemon and baking soda:

Add half tablespoons of baking soda in 250 ml of water with about half a lemon.

This is a nice mixture of pain in the abdomen or in the moments when you feel as if you are sick.

Of course, only use those recipes that fit your body.