Periodontitis is a disease that damages the gums, bone and other supporting structures of the teeth. Inflammation of the edge portion of the gums (gingivitis) the early stages of the disease, in which only part of the damaged tissue.

In this case, the periodontal tissue can be completely cured. If left untreated can lead to inflammation of the support system of the teeth (periodontitis).

It is the latest stage of periodontal disease where the gums and other structures that hold the tooth in the bone seriously damaged. This requires intensive care, but still can because the loss of one or more teeth.DSC_0727

Experience our readers from Germany

I cured of Periodontitis and I would like to share with you. My dentist has remained very astonished with the progress that I realized. The cure is very simple, cheap and natural – lemon juice.

For the last six months I have been drinking lemon juice with water, about 2-3 or 4 lemons every day. I just drank, I held him in my mouth. It makes the body more alkaline, which is quite unusual, because the lemon tart.

The bacteria responsible for Periodontitis does not like alkaline environment and vanishing, and the disease stops. Gums become brighter, firmer, and the pockets are becoming smaller and smaller.


Periodontitis is a very nasty disease and normal treatment is really expensive, and does not guarantee success. This treatment is inexpensive (although the lemon in stores more expensive) and healthy – and really works.

source: Sagepub