Life is unimaginable without Tiramisu, perfect and simple dessert. The body easily absorbed, so it came to reflect excess weight around the waist. There is also simplified operation version of Tiramisu.

For its preparation should be separated about ten minutes, even if you have never made dessert, guaranteed you will succeed. Try it; it’s just delicious, above all, quickly, and without any fatigue.


To prepare the dessert you will need:

Biscuit or biscuits – 200 gr/7 oz

Cottage cheese – 200 gr/7 oz

Cream – 100 gr/3.5 oz

Sugar – 50 gr/1.76 oz

Vanilla sugar and cinnamon

Coffee (cocoa)


– Boil a larger cup of coffee or cocoa. Leave to cool to 45-50 degrees.

– Using a blender or mixer, mix the cheese, cream, sugar, cinnamon to the emergence airy mixture.

– The dessert bowl alternately Rack up layers: biscuit, previously dipped in cooked coffee (or cocoa), and a layer of cream mixture, forming a dessert. On top you can sprinkle with grated chocolate. It is best to leave it in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight.

If you want to serve friends or guests, this dessert is very elegant appearance in glass cups.