When your fingers squeeze a certain point on the hands, feet and the rest of the body, removes blockages of energy flow in the organs to which these points operate and repair any problems. Acupressure is simple and safe, even if you are a beginner.

When you next time be plagued headache, try this simple method, which is based on acupressure, natural treatment that stems from traditional Chinese medicine and involves pressing acupressure points.Blog-Massage-pic-1

How to troubleshoot a headache massaging point at hand?

In this way, stimulating a specific point along the energy path that goes from the hands up to his head, signaling the body to divert the excess energy away from the head.

Pressing this point, you reduce muscle tension.

How to find this point?


Stretch all the fingers of his left hand.

This point is located on a small “hill” (not in the skin of red!) Between the index finger and thumb.

 How to activate it?Press-between-thumb-and-index-small

Place your thumb and index finger of his right hand on top and below this point on the left arm.

Start slowly and then increase the pressure, but not so much that you can not stand it.

It is better to be poor than too strong, experts advise.

Pressure continues for some 20 to 30 seconds, during which time breathes rhythmically, occasionally through the nose.

Repeat the process three times, and then do the same thing on the other hand, that is until you feel relief.

This eliminates even severe headache, neck pain and back pain and sinuses!