We are all, more or less known fact that humanity today, despite the rapid progress in technology and industry, still suffers from a long series of curable and incurable diseases and disorders.

Unfortunately, progress in medicine did not improve the health status of people to which modern medicine is applied, while the number of new diseases increases every year.

Although most people are proud that today we are more advanced than in the Middle Ages or a thousand years ago, the symptoms of modern civilization are not very encouraging.

The analysis of the science behind the medicine we can come to the conclusion that this science does not knows the real because of any disease is treated and recommended by your medication.

Examples include any disease. Ask your doctor which is the because of a disease or disorder. It can respond to the because of, for example, disruption of some glands.

If you continue to search for the root causes by asking: “What caused the disorder and glands?” And so on, very soon you will reach the wall, where it will be, as an excuse ignorance, offer a choice of assumptions and causes, but the real because is not clearly known .

Thus, it is evident that modern medicine is not known to the root because of diseases and disorders, but focuses solely on visible and measurable symptoms that are trying to alleviate or remove.

Modern medicine is aware of her birth defects depending on the capabilities of the imperfect man and his senses to find the because and to each new discovery based on previous imperfections and errors and that such a method of progress only possible new mistakes to work, while the root cause remains unknown.

The because are lack of a better method, due to which people accept what solution is currently available and which does not require to change.


But when we consider the apparent state of health of the population today, physical and psychological, the results of the application of modern medicine are not very impressive.

To understand how to cure a disease or solve the problem, it is necessary to know the real, root cause. Otherwise, healing method will be applied only to secondary symptoms, and to the real and deep healing can not occur.

Symptoms may be withdrawn from one part of the body, but it will certainly occur in another part and cause other problems. In the book, Self-healing, we analyzed the because of all diseases and problems as well as their successful removal and prevention.

I sincerely hope that you will understand the logic of the presentation of this knowledge, and that you will decide to personal experimentation of this technique and thus gain the maximum benefit for themselves and the people in your life.

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The mind – conscious and subconscious

From the Vedas we find out that the because of 99% of the diseases of the body just our own mind, not a chemical disturbances in the body.

The Vedic scriptures describe the mind and distinguish two main parts: the conscious and subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is recognized by three symptoms: thought (vision), feelings (emotions) and desires (focal point). The subconscious mind does not recognize so easily because we are not aware.

His symptoms are not visible as it is in the conscious mind. However, the symptoms of the subconscious mind can be recognized thanks to the experiences that are beyond our conscious control.

For example, if we see a rope, and we think that the snake, our body will automatically respond to the stimuli that came from the mind.

We will feel the chemical reactions and recognize them as fear, anxiety, panic, anxiety and the like. If we had control of your subconscious mind, and then we could stop the emergence of these automatic emotions and chemical reactions.

But, as we see that react automatically and without control, we can conclude that it was the activity of the subconscious mind (hereinafter referred to as “PU”).

The impact of the TA is not reflected only in crisis situations affecting our personal survival, but also reflects on the rest of our conscious activities in daily life.

Thus, the action of the TA reflect on our private, social, marital and professional life.

PU operates only when there is a need for time and need to create our conscious mind and the situations in which it is located. The main function of the TA storage and removal of excess emotional impressions which we experience through life.

They emotional impressions that are too complex to be aware of the experience of the person, are transferred to and stored in the TA-in.

Emotional impressions become very complex and conflicted when the intellect of the person who experiences these impressions sufficiently matured for that experience.

For example: a child of preschool age would not be properly understood sexual intercourse adults and therefore this experience is unnecessary and harmful because it develops complex within the child’s mind.

Simply by smoothing the natural development of the intellect of every person, it can be concluded that certain experiences are similar to immature intellect.

Just like the body of a child, which is much less resistant to alcohol, drugs and most of the drugs, so the mind of a child vulnerable to too strong emotional impressions it receives from its environment.Calming-Yoga-Pose

When life impressions unsuitable for the conscious mind of the child, PU them downloaded and saved in the form of subconscious memory.

In most cases, today’s children are exposed to excessively negative emotional impressions that come from parents and close surroundings.

Already in these early years to develop the relationship between the conscious mind and TA based on the protection, where PU learn to protect the conscious mind of the impression that he learned that excessive. Over time, PU “get used” to protect the conscious mind and the habit becomes part of our false (programmed) identity.