Parsley, a plant that is used as a seasoning, and magical powers. Its quantity of food is still small, so it is not enough to induce the secretion of accumulated fluids from the body.

Parsley is an excellent ally in the fight against urinary problems, kidney disease and a strong diuretic. As a remedy can be used root and parsley leaves. p196df0sok1hip3l118f1btg1jh94

There are many recipes for parsley tea and one user said: Parsley is a miracle! On Thursday I was 72 kg, and two days later – five pounds less It’s not about their gym, but.! On the accumulated liquid that I had left my body. I feel great light.

The correspondent asked to explain how and in what manner the parsley, a few days lost 5 pounds.The recipe is very simple.

In boiling water (about one liter), add 5 tablespoons chopped parsley.

Liquor stand for twenty minutes, then strain the tea you can drink or together with chopped parsley.

For the parsley tea I decided due to kidney problems. All advice Uvin tea with these problems. From uvinog tea I felt improvement, but remained fluid in the body. I decided Uvin tea replaced with parsley, and so come to your results – we entrusted to the user.

Parsley tea to drink and warm and chilled.

You can drink it in any day except late at night so as not to have to go at night to urinate (From this tea often you go to the toilet).

The excretion of fluids from the body is very important. With urine we eliminate toxins, bacteria and other harmful substances.

For parsley has been scientifically proven to be an excellent diuretic, and it is also a strong antioxidant.

Drinking tea from parsley is recommended, but you should not overdo it. Eating should not be more than a liter of tea per day.

Parsley is a herb that is present since ancient times as a remedy. He attributed magical powers, in ancient Rome were believed to chew on parsley improves perception and intellectual abilities.

Today, this plant is used only as a spice, a well informed is used as a medicine.lemon-parsley

Excellent juice of three ingredients: For five days – three pounds less!

The recipe for juice


-1 lower stem unsprayed fresh parsley
-1 unsprayed lemon
-1 cup water (2-3 dl)


Wash well parsley,

Lemon peel and place them in the juicer.

Squeeze the juice and add it in about 2-3 dl water.

If you do not have a juicer, then squeeze the lemon and mix with very finely chopped parsley and add it in water and drink it so.


The taste is not “paradise”, but it is bearable. If you can not drink this, add some stevia, honey or maple syrup.

The juice should drink every morning on an empty stomach and only five days.

Then it is necessary to make a break for ten days.

It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

Try tomorrow!