A nun Honey Kovac revealed to rescue medicine for a deadly bacterium Escherichia coli, which is only in the last days of the German killed more than twenty people.

For a revolutionary product, for which the ingredients can be found in almost any store supposedly has long been known in some parts of Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Anna claims that the nun saved his life after being infected during pregnancy Escherichia coli.

They did not help her, she says, or two different antibiotics but miraculous combination nun from Herzegovina.o-E-COLI-ALBERTA-BEEF-RECALL-facebook

In the hope that no one will need, revealed to the public rescue recipe.

Parsley should be washed and grind coffee, as well as lemon.

All together, stir, put it in the 20 grams honey and 2 dl olive oil. Save in a clean glass jar.

Take one tablespoon before breakfast, one before dinner, till all be consumed. After taking the drug do there.

If there are no bacteria, the drug dose to repeat once again, reveals Ana.


-25 grams of parsley root
-25 grams of lemon with rind
-20 grams of honey
-2 dc l olive oil