Alternative medicine has a solution for almost all health problems, as well as for back pain and joint pain, which are the most common ailment of today, because of lengthy sitting and physical inactivity.

Instead of constant resorting to analgesics, this natural remedy can help to maintain healthy joints in good condition, to reduce pain and at the same time will eliminate many problems that accompany these pesky problems.Miraculous-Salve-That-Relieves-Aches-and-Pains

The recipe for oil for painful joints and back


300-400 grams of garlic

1 liter of good quality, unrefined vegetable oils (olive, sunflower …)


Clean 300-400 grams of garlic and finely chop it. Put it in a jar with a capacity about 2 liters and pour it with 1 liter of oil. Close the lid and leave the jar in a dark place at room temperature.

Required to sit for two weeks, and do not forget that every day Muck content jars. At the end you get garlic oil, you need to be filtered through 3-4 layers of gauze or twice through small plastic strainer.