Have you ever wondered what time of the day it is better to exercise in the morning or evening and choosing the timing affects your body and psyche?At your surprise both timings are good, because they have their own advantages not to be underestimated.

If you exercise in the morning, especially before breakfast, the capacity of energy is quite low and the level of glucose needed for muscles to work is the minimum level.

It is because our body takes advantage of the fat to power the muscles, so this is good if you plan to walk in the morning.

But if you plan to practice long and effective training session with the weights it will be more difficult and less effective because your body is not well heated.

Morning exercise improves mood, because the realization of morning training can feel great from the start of the day, especially when the weather is warm. Morning or evening training, which is better?

Another advantage with morning exercise is that if you exercise in the morning, you are free for the rest of the day.

If you exercise at night, the body is already well fueled, so you can train longer and more effectively.

Also, it has been proved that exercise at night has good influence on the psyche of cleaning the negative thoughts and stress accumulated throughout the day.

This shows us that morning exercise, although it is more effective for burning fat, night exercise can be more effective to free you from stress before bedtime.

So, the choice for exercise, in the morning or evening is yours and whatever you choose won’t be wrong.