Uterine fibroid is a benign tumor. Uterine myoma is mostly found in women aged 30-40 years, but there are cases of disease at earlier age. It forms of connective tissue and muscle tissue of the uterus, resulting in hormonal disorder, curettage, inflammation and infection transmitted through sexual contact.

The main symptoms of uterine myoma: pain and bleeding disorder function of nearby organs, tumor growth. There may be heavy and long menstrual period, localized pain in the lower abdomen and back.

An extended pain gives a signal that the tumor is growing faster. Otherwise, the growth of uterine myoma is quite a slow process.

In the early stages of tumor formation is not always possible clinical diagnosis. Data are needed manual review in order to obtain information on the size, shape and location of the tumor.

For additional diagnoses are made ultrasonic, radiographic and endoscopic findings. Modern medicine conducts treatment of fibroids in the uterus surgical medical methods.

However, some doctors believe that radical and effective method is – hysterectomy (amputation of the uterus). Modern methods of treatment of fibroids in the uterus may be enough to reduce the size of fibroids and give women to live a full life. Also, there are plenty of natural remedies to treat it.

We suggest several ethnic recipes Russian alternative medicine for the treatment of fibroids.

-Teaspoon of dried root peony chops and mixes with 1.5 cup of boiling water. Cover and leave it for half an hour.  Drink one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

-Wash three large red potatoes, hull and finely shredded, then squeeze its juice. Drink every morning half a glass before eating.

-In one spoonful of hemp seeds pour 200 ml/6.76 oz of boiling water. Put back on the heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Cool and strain the drink. Take 35 tablespoons per day in period of 15 days.

-Take the leaves of carrots, fresh or dried and pour hot water: two full hands of grass per liter/33.8 oz of water. Allow to stand for 30-40 minutes. Drink as much as you want. This is good for stopping the bleeding caused by uterine myoma.

-Take 375 grams/13.23 oz of aloe or 400 ml/13.52 oz aloe juice, finely grind it and add 625 grams/22 oz of honey and 675 ml/22.82 oz of red wine.

All ingredients stir and leave it for 5 days in a dark cool place. The first five days take one teaspoon three times a day an hour before a meal, after increase it for 1 tablespoon. The treatment should last three to six weeks.