Ingrown toenail bends on one or both sides and cuts into the surrounding skin, causing pain, inflammation and sometimes infection. Small nails on meaty fingers are good predisposition. In some cases, the injury may cause transformation of the skin over the nail and it’s partially overlap. Poor hygiene of the foot may also increase the risk of infection, which can lead to inflammation.

Symptoms of ingrown toenails:

Pain, redness and swelling around the fingernail

On the edge of the nail you have cracked skin and leaking clear fluid or blood from it.

You should consult your doctor immediately if you notice that your nail started grows into meat.

How to treat?

The pain from ingrown nails you can alleviate everyday submerging feet in warm salt water and taking painkillers.

Affected nail should be protected by covering it with sterile dry gauze.

Two simple things can help you to prevent ingrown nail:

1. Keep your feet clean and wear shoes with the correct size.

2. Cut straight the nails on toes not curved along the edge, to prevent ingrowths into the meat.

How can you help yourself?

* Inspect the skin around the nail to see if you seize the nail skin.

* Cut a V-shaped upper edge of the nail to weaken the pressure on his side.

* On the edges of the nail, apply antiseptic cream to prevent infection.

* If there is any sign of redness or pus, lie down with the feet up. On the finger put sterile gauze.

* Cut the nails straight and don’t cut too short.

* Make sure your shoes and socks are not too tight – you should have plenty of room to move your fingers.

Treatment: pedicure

Pedicure will help your nails to prevent further problems.

Proper hygiene keeps feet healthy and reduces the risk of ingrown nails.

Removing edges ingrown

Under local anesthesia, the doctor or pedicure will raise parts growing into the meat and cut them so that in the skin there is nothing left. This will calm the inflammation and will help the nail to heal.

Removing ingrown nails

Your finger will be cleaned under anesthesia and antiseptic agent. The nail or part of the nail will be removed and in the same place will be placed phenol to close blood vessels. It is desirable to walk 24 hours after surgery. The wound should heal completely within a week.