In Chinese medicine believes that the feet are powerful zone and direct contact with all internal organs, thanks to the so-called “Meridians” located here and go through the whole body.

Some argue that the meridians does not really exist, but those who understand Chinese medicine know that the meridians are closely related with the nervous system.

The bottom of your feet has different nerve endings. Electrical signals, which are sent through these meridians, they fall asleep when you wear shoes.

You can stimulate these meridians by walking outside without shoes or by using onion.Once you discover this secret, every night you’ll go to bed with onion in your socks

One of the best ways to stimulate these meridians is using onion, white or red, which you will put in your socks (at the bottom), while you sleep.

Onions and garlic have tremendous power of absorbing bacteria and clean the body; also the phosphoric acid in the bloodstream can do wonders.

I don’t recommend using the same onion several times because it collects germs and bacteria, every night, use a new one.

Will you try something like this?

source: Atma