Did you ever wonder why the nettles get engaged coated needles that are baked to touch everything and everyone? You get engaged needles hackberry serves as protection from pests, animals and anything that could damage it, because the nettle created exclusively for men. If it was not glowing effect, nettle would be eradicated from ancient times, and this is a gift to man.

But people still eradicated, angry at her, pull, do not want, not knowing that her heals power are amazing! It is this nettle, for which no one knows why bother in our backyards is one of the most useful herbs. nettle,2,0113

All parts nettle – stems, leaves, roots and flowers have medicinal properties.

Swedish scientist Abbe Küenzi hard to make nettle has long disappeared from the face of the earth, if you would not have a stinger. Animals and insects make it long since eaten.

Once I gave advice to the mother of seven children, who since his last birth suffered from headaches and eczema, to drink nettle tea. In short time, this is eczema and headaches. Since eczema is an internal reason, it should be treated by taking herbs that clean the blood, “says Küenzi and added:

Nettle is the best herb to clean and improve blood. Positive effect on the pancreas and helps lower blood sugar. Nettle untreated urinary tract infection and stimulates the bowel. Therefore the nettle recommended as part of spring cleaning organisms.

In herbal medicine nettle tea is used for liver and gall bladder, for sleep disorders, in tumors of the spleen, the stomach cramps, ulcers, lung disease, etc.. Tea is drunk four weeks. Does not brew the tea, because it will destroy valuable ingredients. You can drink one cup of nettle tea every day throughout the year to prevent.

Nettle tea is also beneficial for viral and bacterial infections. If you have low iron levels in the body and you feel tired and useless, nettle are what you need! Nettles contains a lot of iron, and is successfully used in anemia. After some time, you still feel full of energy and health.

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Once we came to the young woman, who looked anemic. In addition to iron deficiency, had stomach problems, gall bladders and suffered from headaches. I recommended her nettle tea. After some time I again met her, and she told me of the situation said, as she was quickly helped nettle tea. Whole her family turned to natural treatment. ”

Nettle tea is a diuretic and can therefore be used for dropsy. Build the blood and therefore are beneficial in many diseases of the blood. In combination with other herbs, nettles can be successfully used to treat leukemia. People who suffer from allergies, including hay fever, you should drink nettle tea.

The nettle is one of the most widely used medicinal plants of our area. Almost everywhere to grow and blooms from spring until autumn. Healing is edible and very useful for overall health. Nettles is still in Greece used massage against rheumatic pains.

Nettles affects the metabolism in the body stimulates the secretion of digestive juices and facilitates fat metabolism. It contains a lot of chlorophyll, minerals (calcium, potassium, iron and phosphorus) and vitamins (C and A).

Flavonoids, which contains a positive effect on our body, root to extract is used to prevent hair loss, and because of the amount of iron has a positive effect on the formation of red blood cells. In agriculture, it is good not only as an insecticide but also as a nutritious vegetable.

Nettles is recommended for the treatment of a disease

It cleans the blood, regenerates red blood cells, cleanses the body of unwanted and harmful substances; untreated severe abdominal discomfort, menstrual and other female disorders, diseases of the urinary organs, weak urination, severe kidney disease, bladder inflammation, ulcers in the stomach, intestines and lungs, clearing the lungs of mucus, wheezing and cures asthma; strengthens the entire nervous system, cures insomnia, and is also used for warming cold feet.



3 tablespoons nettle macerated in 1 liter of boiling water, cover and leave for 5 minutes; Strain and drink throughout the day, we can and 2 liters of such tea. We treasure it and sweeten, and if you heat up, we must be careful not to overheat, because then it loses its healing properties.

Tea Blends:

In equal parts a mixed nettles, catchweed and goldenrod: one tablespoon of this mixture was placed in 2.1 liters of boiling water; After 5-10 minutes, strain and drink throughout the day is very hot, in light sips. This is the best cure for kidney disease, especially when the kidneys Fizzle and drought.


Fresh leaves are boiled and the liquid is soaked cold, frostily feet. Cold feet treat and so fresh sheets put in the shoes, so keeping them through the day.


Strained nettle juice mixed in equal parts with walnut oil; we obtain oil that every night before going to sleep I paint my forehead, temples and chest; This eliminates nervousness, strengthen the nerves and memory.


-100-200 g of dried root put overnight in a 3 l. cold water and cook the other day for about 10 minutes. We get an excellent tool for strengthening the hair roots and against hair loss. Of course, can also be used fresh root.

Polenta with nettles and ricotta:

It is advisable to try to prepare polenta with nettles and ricotta cheese. In fact, this is just one of countless ways of preparing a very tasty and nutritious meals punovrijednih. Cook the polenta 0.5 kg (the density) and shake it on a greased baking sheet (approx. 1 cm height). 0.3 kg of fresh curd make a spread with the addition of pinches of salt and cream (0.1 l). 0.5 kg young nettle leaves, wash and insert in two liters of boiling salted water. Cook for 5-10 minutes. Strain, add a few drops of lemon (to save at least part of the green) and chop finely. A mixture of boiled nettles adds a little sugar and one deciliter cream, sauté briefly in a pan. For half of the chilled polenta apply the mixtures of nettles and then curd mixture and cover with the other half of polenta. Cut in the shape of a rhombus.

FRESH nettle juice:

The juicer squeeze the juice from fresh nettles which are consumed immediately after juicing. You can dilute it with water and mix with honey. Daily intakes of children up to two juice to cure anemia, jaundice, kicked sand from the bladder and lower the blood sugar level.

Maybe after this text chose not to destroy the nettle in my yard, but her desire to take advantage of their health.