Certainly you already know that in the summer you should not eat “heavy” food, and the recommendation of the experts is to consume fluid as much as possible.

Also you supposed to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. According to the recommendations of nutritionists, just this beverage is the perfect way to bring everything you need during the hot summer days.

This easy snack is full of vitamins and what is most important in the hot days will really refresh you.

This delicious drink is that it isn’t hard to digest, so you will not get a feeling of bloating, discomfort or problems with digestion. Moreover preparation is quite simple.


-2 cups yogurt

-2 cups blueberries

-Few blackberries

-1 chopped banana

-1 tablespoon muesli optional

-2 ice cubes


All the ingredients put into a blender and mix it until you have a homogeneous mixture, then pour it  into a bowl. And, your meal is ready.