Anyone who has had a kidney stone knows that it is a painful condition, especially when the stone in the ureter, the tube which leads from the kidney to the bladder.

Even after the bladder, stone must go through the urethra. As men have a longer urethra, have much more of a problem with this and healthcare workers often this process is called male childbirth.

So it’s good to know recipes like this, which can naturally help to be dissolved stones before they cause so many problems.Syrup4

What exactly are kidney stones?

Kidney stones are mineral deposits – typically some form of calcium such as calcium oxalate – accumulated in the kidneys and can form small stones, such as pebbles on within the kidney.

Positioning is everything when it comes to kidney stones: the stone may remain in the kidney weeks, months or even years that the person has no symptoms.

However, if the stone moved toward the ureter may appear extreme pain in the back, hips, and bloody or cloudy urine.

In that time, doctors try to dislodge the stone through urination with large amounts of fluids and analgesics to the pain bearable.

However, some stones may be too large and require surgery to remove.

A third possibility is to combine the liquid to suppress stones, but with the use of a drug like this recommended below, to stone broke, and it is thus easier to expel from the body.

The cure for kidney stones


-1 cup pure maple syrup

-250 grams of extra virgin olive oil

-250 grams of lemon (with peel)

-250 grams parsley root

-250 grams of raw organic honey


Clean the lemon and cut it into pieces together with bark, and then put it in the blender. Mix it.

Then, clean and parsley root, cut it into pieces and add to the blender where it is already blended lemon.

Then add the maple syrup, honey and olive oil, and once again all mix until smooth, well-stirred mixture.

You can store this in a hermetic glass jar and keep in the refrigerator.

source: Natural News