Water is the best physical wire that can be used to in their body the vibration that we want.

Water acts as a sponge and absorbs into itself all the vibrations from the immediate surroundings.

When you drink water from a source, such water is “alive”, has in it the vibration of the natural environment, the vibration of the earth, minerals and rocks through which it passes and is a highly energetic and clean.

Tap water does not have these properties, because they are in contact with water pipes lost.

Because fluorine and chlorine, as well as other resources that should be put in the plumbing, water loses feature high vibration and negative energy purchases.cool-water-wallpaper-hd-backgrounds-

Rock crystal is perhaps the best choice

For rock crystal Ancient Romans believed that contains the energy of the gods that gives strength, courage and wisdom. Rock crystal is a universal stone, everyone should have one!

One of the most important characteristics of rock crystal is the capacity that gives you energy.

Elixir of crystals or energized water is potable water that we put adequate natural crystals that release information, the energy in the water and get a vibrating potion that:

– Improves immunity
– Give increase energy
– Reduces impact of stress on the heart
– Improves circulation
– Regenerative acts on nerve tissue
– Reduces nervousness and headaches

Elixirs action depends on the type of crystals which are used, then the information on the energy carried by the crystal.

If we use rock crystal, we get an excellent elixir to increase energy and boost immunity. Elixir of pink quartz is great for the heart and circulation, etc …

We can use various combinations of crystals.

On the physical level of vibration of each crystal acts on the crystal structures within the human body, and the energy level on the chakras and aura, and so on and our consciousness.

Of course, like any other crystal and bought these for energizing water, but cleaned one of the techniques of cleaning, and after that they are ready for use.rock-crystal-prisms

A process for the preparation of elixirs

Glass jug (pitcher about 2l) fill with spring or distilled water, and put it in crystals, the best rock crystal and leave all together in daylight, preferably in the sun, to rest for about 12 hours.

After aging for long enough remove the crystals, and drinking water.

Do not use water from the pipe because it has chlorine, and he completely destroys the structure of natural water.

If you use distilled water, make sure that it is distilled and that is for drinking, not one battery.

After use, rock crystal should be charged in the sun, and sometimes it’s good and clean.

If you use crystal at the peak, make sure that you are not damaged while you pour the water. The most practical is to use polished pieces of crystal.

Besides a rock crystal, may be used and other crystals which do not mind “stay” in the water.

The effects of crystal water

Crystal will its high and pure vibrations transmitted to the water and change her property. Thus, the water we drink will be cleared of negativity, and will further energize your body and help him to increase the high-frequency vibration.

This water helps to strengthen and raise their own energy and create an environment that will positively affect your life and health.

Energized water helps in removing negative energies and strengthen the vitality and brings balance to life in a physical, spiritual and emotional sense.

Try it!