It is excellent for arthritis, women’s problems, infections and heart problems or circular.

Did you know that you can stop a heart attack with cayenne pepper? By using this spice in the first sixty seconds of impact can react and save a life.

Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Richard Schulze confirmed this amazing effect. “In 35 years of practice, and working with people I’ve never lost a patient during a sudden heart attack because, wherever I go, if the patient is still breathing give him a cup of cayenne tea,” said the doctor.

The basis of all is that the peppers have at least 90,000 HU (heating unit).  If we have it and the person Is conscious, instructions is to prepare cayenne tea and give the person to drink. If the person is unconscious, then use ink or cayenne extract and put a few drops under the tongue persons.

Cayenne pepper has a stimulating effect on the body increases circulation and digestion and absorption. It has 26 different nutrients, minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium …), and vitamins.