Like many types of honey, pumpkin honey is also used for medical purposes.

Areas of application of this honey are very diverse. The most effective is the treatment of liver and kidney disease. For many, this is among the valuable, because effectively helps expel bile, and treatment of diseases of the urinary tract.

Thanks to its mild laxative and diuretic effect, between pumpkins perfectly helps with constipation and various diseases of the colon.

At the same time, due to the high content of vitamins and carotene, this honey is an excellent immunity booster and the general tone of life.

It helps in fighting with increased cholesterol, atherosclerosis, reduce islands of heart failure. Using honey pumpkin and recommended for obesity.

How to prepare during the pumpkin:

To prepare honey, you will need one ripe yellow pumpkin.

All you need to do is cut off the top and remove the seeds and fiber.

The resulting large opening you should pour sugar.

From above coincides cut off the tip and leave on for about ten days on a chilly place.

It is best to put the pumpkin in a larger bowl, because it will soften and will be hard to move.

During that time, the sugar will dissolve in pumpkin juice. As soon as the sugar is dissolved, take off the cover and the liquid obtained should be poured into a glass container.

If, by chance, on the lid of the pumpkin caught mold, this is not a big deal. In this case, make a hole at the bottom of the pumpkin, and through it put the honey in a bowl.

Refrigerate the honey in a clean glass jar with a lid. You can use is about one month.

You can sweetened tea, can be consumed independently 2-3 times a day, 2-3 tablespoons, you can use it as a topping for pancakes, or invent your own version, everything depends on your fantasy. Consume it as long as you want.

source: EatHealthyPlans