This salad and dressing have healing properties, also are delicious, and the pressure very quickly is becoming normal.

High blood pressure or oscillating mass is a disease that does not choose victims. The most vulnerable group is people over 40 years, or more often affected by this disease are much younger.

Here are recipes from folk medicine that helps overthrow of high blood pressure.


-6 cloves garlic with a membrane,

-4 tablespoons grated fresh root of celery,

-3 tablespoons dried parsley or three tablespoons fresh,

-3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar, juice of two squeezed lemon,

-1 tablespoon tomato concentrate and tea made from one large spoon hawthorn leave it for 15 minutes in 1 dl of boiled water.

SALAD: beetroot, celery and buttermilk.

Grate into very thin slices about 8.8 oz/¼ kg of fresh beets, then grate on very thin typological than 8.8 oz/¼ kg celery root. Add 16.9 fl oz/½ liter of buttermilk (purchasing or domestic)

All good grind in blender. Add all the ingredients for the dressing and additionally blend.

How to use:

-As a mixture to drink three tablespoons of this mixture put in a cup and add 6.6 fl oz/2 dl of water and drink it,

-As a dressing with salad,

-As gravy sauce and a side dish

-As a salad-cold soup