Since the condition of the hair reflects the quality of our food and overall vitality, it is important to keep in mind that premature gray hair is much more than aesthetic concerns.

It may indicate serious nutritional deficiencies and foreshadow future disease. Also, did you know that there is a way to slow the growth of gray hair and return your original color?

Regular consumption of fresh wheat grass juice gives us many advantages and one of them is that you can slow down the growth of gray and restore gray hair to its natural color!

How to get your juice of wheat grass

Wheat grass can be planted alone, but you can buy in health food stores in fresh or dried form.

The cheapest way to get the juice is to breed wheat grass alone.

Wheat is growing very rapidly; you need the ecological wheat seeds, peat and soil.


Soak the seeds of wheat eight to twelve hours.

Put the seeds in glass jar and during the next 24 hours, rinse them three times.

1. When it starts to emerge germination, plant the seeds on top of the soil.

2. Pour the planted wheat and cover the jar during the first three days. During these days spray it with water in the morning and in the evening.

3. The fourth day you should open the jar, because the seeds need light.

4. The ideal temperature for the growth of wheat and avoiding mold is 21 C to 26 C. If they have mold, you should breed new wheat grass.

5. Wheat grass can be cut when it grows about twenty centimeters. Two days before cutting bring the jar on sunlight.

6. For new breeding, use new seeds and soil.

7. The juice from the wheat grass can be squeezed with juicer or grind them in a blender with a little water.Recipe To Get Back Your Natural Hair Color


This is just a suggestion, get creative…

Mix in a blender the following ingredients:

30 ml / 1 Oz of juice wheat-grass

Cup of chopped fruit of choice

A cup of orange juice / lemon

Teaspoon of honey

Little water

Immediately drink this healthy and nutritionally rich beverage.

Drink this every day, 1-2 times and follow the condition of your hair color