Makai of peppers to lick  your  fingers!


• 15 dry peppers

• 8 pieces purple onions

• 50gr dried tomatoes in oil

• 5-6 combs white onion

• 0.5 dl oil

• Salt Add to shopping a list


1 Wash peppers, remove the handle and shake them seeds. Peelpurpleonions from foreign shells and put together with the peppers in a saucepan with the eyelids to cook until softened.

2 The wooden bowl first put on a white onion with a little salt and Tuck beat to make a creamy mixture.  Add to this a little oil and blame me and you’ll receive a cuddly batter like paste.

3 When the peppers cooked, add them still hot in a bowl and beat them until they fall apart and become mush. Add and dry tomatoes and he also beat and stir with peppers.

4 At the end add the purple onions (also plain) one by one and how well cooked quickly be crumbled. The whole mixture well stirs. Take oil, heat it with him pouring the resulting mixture. Once again all the stir, add salt to taste, and you can serve.

Has a good appetite!