Most dentists and doctors will probably never admit that dental materials placed in your mouth because of many diseases and changes in human health.

The conventional dentistry has greatly contributed to the rise of chronic fatigue, emotional instability, depression, birth defects, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease as well as cancer and other degenerative diseases.high_filling_pain

The most famous dental material book production -silver filling- that are used everyday in dentistry, potentially lethal and dangerous because they contain mercury in them.

This is an Amalgam silver fillings which owns 54% of mercury. Some people said to seal in the mouth nose even more than a decade.

Dentists and the World Health Organization, amid accusations of experts who warn of the danger of deadly seal.

Dr. Hal Huggins, the most famous dentist who first began to uncover the truth about the deadly fillings and clashed with its entire profession is said that even the smallest amount of mercury in the human body is dangerous.

He took the example of the human ovum that if for a moment, touched with live often loses its ability to bind to the wall of the uterus even if the fertilization was successful.teeth

Huggins warns that live in the human mouth emits steam 24 hours a day and that can because life-threatening diseases.

The most common because of chronic fatigue has just mercury which is located in the mouth of humans and operates continuously, until it is not removed.

Huggins dedicated his life to providing free support to people who have been poisoned by mercury silver fillings.

After discovering the truth to the public, he was fired and difficult profession rejection and continued to work to inform people about the terrible deadly materials that dental carries.

Huggins warns people around the world saying, Get the silver fillings out and heal you of many diseases. Silver fillings have begun to use more Daven 1800- and in France.

Spread to the whole world and dentists use them constantly. Their production is cheap and effective. Most often put people who seek dental care through social insurance.

source: ResearchGate