This revolutionary recipe published by Dr. Irina Stefanovska, known doctor – herbalists, in a show about healthy living on Russian television Dr. Stefanovska say.

Thanks to this recipe, observed a group of women is reduced waist size by 1 cm a day!

This recipe reduces fat, improves brain function, improves hearing and eyesight.

The main ingredients of this recipe are fresh horseradish, organic lemon with rind and honey.DSCF8705-1024x768

The recipe for a balm for weight loss Dr.Stefanovski


-125 g of horseradish

-3 organic  lemon

-3 tablespoons honey


Mix 125 grams of horseradish.

Take three lemons, cut them, remove the seeds from them, and combined with the skin also mix and mix with horseradish blended.

In it, add three tablespoons of honey and mix well.

Keep this balm in a sealed jar in the fridge.

Take one teaspoonful of balsam twice a day with meals.

Take this salve during three weeks and look how waist circumference reduced!

source: Healthy Life Tricks