How can you make yourself the best medicine proven to remove acne and much better than the expensive creams and lotions from the drugstore and pharmacy?

So, forget creams and other expensive medicines! Scientists say they have found the best cure for pimples, acne, pimples …

And it’s completely natural, from your garden, free for themselves and make themselves.

New research from Leeds Metropolitan University suggests that plant thyme operates many times better than the best preparation for the skin in the treatment of acne.

The researchers tested how thyme, marigold and myrrh act on propionyl bacterial acne, writes The Huffington Post. The bacteria cause inflammation of pores and acne. Although the marigold and myrrh destroy bacteria after only five minutes, thyme proved to be most effective, the study confirms.Say Goodbye to Acne: Homemade Recipe for Healing Tincture

Thyme has a stronger antibacterial effect than benzoyl peroxide, an integral part of preparations against acne.

To effect was complete, thyme should be placed in alcohol for a few days and even weeks.

This process brings out the best from plant ingredients so it’s best acne smudge exactly this solution, experts advise.

– Although further research, since preparations based on thyme would benefit most people with sensitive skin. Side effects of using a preparation based on benzoyl peroxide are just irritation – stresses lead researcher Dr. Margarita Gomez-Escalada.

Tincture of thyme – recipe

Therefore, if you have such problems wait thyme blossoms (half of the sixth to seventh half months) and make a tincture of cleansing, you can use all year round.

It takes a fist, two branches with flowers of thyme and homemade brandy from grain or fruit, intensity 38-40%.

Pick and wash the sprigs of thyme, they fill glass jars, pour the brandy, all shake well, seal and let stand 14 days in the sun or near other heat source.

Then strain the liquid and the thus obtained tincture clean acne.

source: Healthy Life Tricks