The immune system of some people created a special medicine against cancer, which protects them from the disease, the scientists found.

They were trying to understand the difference between invasive cancer types, as well as those who are slowly creeping, but now they know that the manifestation of the disease depends only on the immune system of the patient.

American scientists have found antibodies they believe that it will fight against cancer and turning them into a drug will attacks and kills cancer cells.

Professor Edward Pac, who led the study, says that this is the first therapy completely derived from the human body.

This could represent a completely new way of treating cancer and exciting is because antibodies selectively kill tumor cells, but do not have greater side effects. We believe that we can alter the immune response, such that the tumor or kills or prevents its growth.

Professor Pac at Duke University shows that have long been working in medicine and that it is not interested in drugs that will prolong the life of the patient for only two months.

That’s why he wanted to investigate cases in which the cancer is detected by chance, before the patient felt any discomfort.

Do not go to the doctor, these people never learn that they have cancer. In the end, they died with cancer, but not because of the cancer, he says.

Pac and his colleagues sought evidence that these people have a different immune system in relation to the other.

Having found a potential candidate from the antibodies, tested them on human cells in the laboratory and in mice, and their findings are published in the journal “Cell Reports”.

In both cases the antibodies kill cancer cells. Cancer is still killing mice, but only because they were not given sufficient dose.

Pac admits that the idea that some people alone products cure for cancer is still controversial, but is working to initiate clinical studies that will dispel all doubts.