Victim of skin cancer shared a shocking photo of the scar on her face, which is the result of excessive exposure to the sun without protection.

Lorraine Henderson (40) was a big tan fan. From the age of 13 she used sun tanning, and every holiday she used tanning oils without protective factors.

The mother of one child discovered the huge and painful scar on her face to warn others to the obvious dangers of tanning.

– She’d go on holiday, did everything in her power for faster and stronger tan, and on the way back goes to tanning beds to keep the tan – told the Daily Mail.

She noticed a stain on the face that grew, and she was naive to think that this is something that the sun will “fix”.

But eventually she realized that does not go away and sought medical advice. One look was enough for him to say – this is skin cancer.

– I do not think there is enough real warning that people will understand. She published the pictures on Facebook, which are followed and shared more than 3600 times!