In salami, pate and cold meats detected increased amounts of polyphosphate and sodium nitrite, emulsifiers that cause cancer and destroy the calcium in the bones, which is why they are especially dangerous for children and pregnant women.

Hot dogs, cold meats and pates that are on store shelves include more carcinogenic additives, fat and water than is allowed by law, the analysis revealed authorized laboratories to check the safety of food.

In addition to these foods nutritionally almost worthless, presents a health risk.Eggplant Walnut Pate

Ancient remains from slaughterhouses

It is known that the meat that is used for sausages, pate and other meat products to several years old and this is a residues from slaughterhouses.

However, a much bigger problem is something else: these products contain excessive amounts of emulsifiers, especially polyphosphates and sodium nitrite.

Sodium nitrite is a common meat preservative with proven carcinogenic effect.

In addition, these emulsifiers draw calcium from the bones, which can lead to osteoporosis or in the case of pregnant women to improper development of the fetus. often in products must have 50 percent of the pork and 50 percent of beef meat is up to 80 percent of pork, which is cheaper, said  Lasic, nutritionist and head of the Laboratory for the safety and quality of food.

Lasic warns that the problem is that most of the samples of meat products in the analysis sent to producers in order to get permission for placing on the market, so it is not known how much the amount of dangerous products actually on the market.

Age of meat in meat products, he says Lasic, also impossible to determine because Croatia does not have laboratories equipped dogs

The Hot Dog muzzle, tails, ears and tendons!

Judging by the results of laboratory investigations, in frankfurters, pate and cold cuts are placed pork and beef snouts, tails, tendons, ears and skin, mixed with a lot of fat, water, preservatives and artificial flavor enhancers.

According to the law, such a food should return the manufacturer or disposed of by incineration.

However, the meat remains still end up on the market because inspections are not synchronized and control covers only a small number of samples.

Lasic concludes that the worst foods such as pate and sausage most children eat, and they had it two years ago infants fed at daycare.

Pregnant women are advised to completely give up on salami and sausages, because otherwise the child will have almost double the lifetime risk of developing cancer of the brain.

The risk of birth defects is increased by 30 percent since additives destroy.