I hope that you will never use canola oil again!

It is important to know the facts about Canola oil. Canola is a made-up word that stands for “Canadian oil low acid”, and genetically modified product.

To is a cheap product to produce, and many processed or packaged foods containing canola oil.

Canola oil was first grown in the early 1970’s as natural oils, but in 1995, Monsanto has made canola oil that has been genetically modified.gmo

Poor canola oil for you!

Originally, rapeseed oil is not so much negative impact on health. However, for two main reason is most canola oil today is harmful to your body:

-1 More than 90% of canola oil are genetically modified

-2 Canola oil is partially hydrogenated oils

Canola oil Dangers

Rapeseed oil has a high level of erucic acid. Fatty acid which is associated with damage to the heart, particularly HeShan disease, a disease that is manifested in fibrotic lesions of the heart.

The consequences of canola oil are:

-Blood platelets Irregularities
-It slows the growth of normal (illegal in infants)
-Free radicals
-Higher Cancer Risks Due hydrogenation
-It is important to understand that the new process goes through many steps, most of which damage to the nutritional value and actually changes the structure of oil is causing it to become hydrogenated oil. From this you will conclude as much danger are huge!

Those are the types of oils that do not want: hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils!

Trans fatty acids are a result of the hydrogenation process. These are dangerous by-products, and the health destroyers.

You should stop cooking with these oils, as well as: Corn oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and vegetable oils.Canola-Oil-How-Its-Made-Why-You-Should-Avoid

Which oils are good

This is just another way of “cold pressed” oil that was created by using pressure to extract oil from seeds, grains, nuts, etc., and it was not used during heat treatment.

source: Hellawella