This potato soup could not be easier.It uses cheap ingredients that create great effect.





-little oil




-Water, if necessary.s-potato-soup


Carrots and potatoes cut in small cubes, a little oil saute the carrots, about 5 minutes, then add the potatoes and one tablespoon of flour. Mix everything together, add celery, parsley. Add salt, can be added to vegetable stock cube and a little pepper, I always put a little extra pepper because then I was much more tasty.


Boil some 15-20 min!

I did not put much of which they are placed, because this is an old recipe which is added to the measure.

This soup for two people use:

3 medium potatoes, 2 bigger carrot, 1 celery, 1 tablespoon flour, bunch parsley, salt and pepper to taste.


I forgot to add in the process of preparing the course and water should be added, it all depends on how thick you like the soup, I love that it is more like a soup.

Bon appetit!