In folk medicine hides and somewhat unusual cure for this form of severe headaches.

Headaches can be extremely exhausting and cause problems in performing daily activities.

The worst form of headache is a dull pain in my head. But as folk medicine has a cure for almost all diseases, so it hides an unusual remedy for this type of headache.headache-full

The advocates of alternative medicine bet that this pain comes from irregular digestion, anemia, stress, anger, and even due to disease of the sexual organs.

Accordingly, offered a slightly different drug that has probably not tried. It takes namely daily body wash with water and domestic vinegar.

This cold bath, advise, should first be washed back and it does so gradually pour eight seconds, and repeat the process several times at intervals of one and a half minutes.

This procedure should be applied another. Two to three times a week, prepare a bath for the feet, and they need to rinse all the way to the knee.

In hot water put teeth and wash them thoroughly in this mixture and then the minute you put your feet in cold water.

Applying this method, the headache can completely forget.