From ancient times until today, many people have witnessed the healing power of comfrey.

It is convincing proof of how nature is amazing and with a little patience can cure the most stubborn ills.

The Latin name for comfrey is Symphytum officinale, and it’s also known as black root, veil consolidates, beef tongue.

Comfrey contains the hormone auxin that easily creates new tissue and quickly heals wounds, and allantoin as the main active ingredient roots, stimulates granulation and tissue regeneration.

Comfrey is irreplaceable in inflammation of tendons, arthritis (joint inflammation), distortion (dislocation, sprain), contusion (charge, contusion), hematoma (bruising), thrombophlebitis (inflammation of veins), and other.

Comfrey tincture occupies a place of honor in cosmetics for face and hands. The quality of these tinctures that renews and regenerates loose and wrinkled skin (especially wrinkles around the eyes).

After long use tincture of the skin of the face and hands are completely regenerated.

For external use against gout there is no better remedy than a tincture of comfrey.

Tincture of Comfrey proved to be excellent in the treatment of neuroinflammatory – wherever they are in the body of painful pressure sensitive, this is reflected in the peripheral nerves.

Patients who have been treated unsuccessfully for years by all possible means diseased joints and rheumatism, tincture of comfrey will quickly help you.The Most Healing Plant in the World – Comfrey


Put 100 grams of comfrey root in 700 ml/23.67 oz of strong brandy or alcohol and lay it flat in a dark place for 14 days.

Shake every third day.

After 14 days, strain and store in a dark glass bottle in a cool place.

Whit this tincture lubricates the affected area 3 times a day.

Homeopaths claim that there is no person who has not helped this tincture.

Pure alcohol instead of brandy gives tincture odorless. Comfrey with brandy has very unpleasant smell and it’s very sticky.