What is the definition of poverty? Really poor are those who are poor in heart, they really suffer. Those who are poor, they do not suffer so much. 90% of suicides are not from the poor, but the rich, who have everything, but they are so frustrated that they cannot deal with life.

The truth is that our bodies need food, but also our mind and soul also needs food. If you eat to feedyour body. Going to college is going to feed our mind. You should not stop. But why starves our souls?o-EXECUTIVE-JET

Once I was with Mother Teresa. At the time she was 83 years old. The past 50-60 years has fed the poor people. She told me: “The real hunger in the world amongst the poor than the rich. Anyone can give a hungry man a piece of bread and fill his stomach. But people in this world are lonely, unhappy, their lives are empty and our hearts are hungry.

Rich people are often worse than the poor in terms of spirituality, loneliness and hunger in his heart. To feed them, we give them love. There is a greater need in this world. ”

Yes, the poor need food, clothing and shelter, but they also need a sense of dignity, that means something themselves, others and God. They need happiness, pleasure and loves, and it will come through physical, mental and spiritual development.

Who are the people who are really, truly trying to help the poor? These are people who love God’s creation and all living beings as brothers and sisters.