“More is never enough. I have 78 years and I believe that we did not have a lot of time. I have millions of dollars in the bank, but I cannot buy health to save their lives. I have a family and millions of fans around the world, but now I’m all alone. I lived my life in the wrong way and I do not want that to happen to you, “begins the story of Morgan Freeman.

Listen to me and do something about it if you want to change your future.

I wish someone told me what I’m going to tell when I was young.

Money itself is not evil. This is the only paper to the perceived value that allows us to get to other things that we hold dear. If money is not evil, what is? Evil is unconscious, obsessive and moral passion that we want more.

Evil is soulless obsessive-compulsive pursuit of a jar full of gold at the end of a rainbow that does not exist. Evil is when we have a label on the heart and soul of that change for financial success at any cost. Evil is when we try to buy happiness over and over again, not being aware that this is only an illusion that will one day disappear.

Imagine having everything, and then everything is lost. Imagine you are broke. You have not a shred of money. The only solution for you is acquiring more money. There is nothing that creates a false happiness. Who are you now?

Where are they now all those people that you thought your friends while you have the money?

Those who have not been with you for the money you are surely long since left thinking that you are self-centered jerk.


Because you your endless pursuit of money and not blind to the right path in life.

Are you sad that fact? I’m telling you this because I want to help you to change.

I’m not saying you cannot be financially successful. I’m saying that there is a greater purpose in life than rushing to financial success.

You can change today if redefine their version of success. You can transform their damaged relationships and build new ones. You can forgive yourself and those who hurt you. You can become a leader who will help others.

You can balance your priorities in life. You can heal your marriage and create a stronger love than you thought possible. You can become the best parent in the world, but do not wait to get to my age. You can always make more money, but you will never be able to go back in time.

We will all die one day. What you want to be remembered? What can you do to make your world a better place? What is your real purpose?

We all die, but few of us actually live.

You can come out of the shadows into the light. You were meant for great things.

You’re made for much more than that to work for a living.

You will be to inspire the world and help all. Let’s finally do the right thing.

Step into a world of true love, and finally you will understand that love is actually what you wanted your whole life.

I just love it more and more love. Never surrender, no matter whatever challenges that befall you in life. Council you need today more than ever.

Only with love, compassion, forgiveness and faith in humanity we can defeat evil once and for all “.

The narrator Morgan Freeman