If you worry about their health and their family members of this fat you absolutely must have in your house. Irreplaceable!

Calendula ointment, prepared according to this recipe is universal. It is used as a medicine and for cosmetic purposes.

For many, it is known that fat Calendula has antiseptic, antibacterial and regenerative properties.calendula_officinalis_yello

This grease with excellent tolerance to children, and used against rash,  scratching and dermatitis.

For breastfeeding are a lifeline for the treatment of cracked nipples.

This fat helps with cuts, burns, insect bites, fungal diseases.

Moreover, a great fight for skin infection, eczema, scars, varicose veins that create the venous network.

It is very effective for oily facial skin, and acne – reduce sebum production, clean and tighten pores.

If you have a rough and chapped skin – the fat will be of great benefit.

Fat prepared for this recipe is really effective, because of the exceptional properties of beeswax. By whatever recipes that you make, Calendula ointment will be of great benefit to you and your household.

In his book “Health through God’s Pharmacy” Maria Treben famous Austrian herbalist, shared experience in the fat of Calendula.

One her colleagues should urgently remove the breast. She prepared for her marigold ointment. The woman anointed them with grease postoperative wound healing and soon ceased to hurt, and the scars healed faster than with other patients. After that it was necessary to lower the radiation treatment than planned.

Also Mary story of a woman whose legs were mutilated nodes and varicose veins. She put this ointment on a fine linen cloth which is obmotavala feet. After 4 weeks nodes have disappeared and leg skin became smooth.

There are different recipes for preparing fat Calendula.

We suggest this recipe, and it is made really quick and simple, with only two.

The best slave of Calendula – recipes


-10 Grams of beeswax

-120 Ml oil of Calendula

Beeswax is recommended to buy with beekeepers and marigold oil in herbal pharmacies or health food stores.

Otherwise, for the preparation of ointments, who can I make a homemade oil of Calendula.


Oil and wax put in enamel pot, the water vapor in the quiet fire.

The mixture was continuously stirred necessary to fully dissolve the wax.

When the mixture is homogeneous, Moisten the surface of the table and wait for it to cool. Fat is ready if there is consistency of cream. If  the fat is too thick, add more oil, if rare – wax.

Fat Transfer to a clean glass jar and let it cool.

After closing the lid and store in the refrigerator.

Shelf life of one year.

If necessary, make a larger quantity.

 Try this super balm and you will not regret it!