Celery is something that you either like eating or you don’t bother eating because you find it on the bland side.


Well whatever the case, after reading this you will be eating a whole lot more of it!

Celery tends to be the go-to dipping utensil. Usually you will find celery at parties, next to a bowl of dip. It’s almost like the dip takes superiority over the celery.

Well make no mistake, celery is king!

It can actually have health effects such as whitening your eyes and making them look brighter and more youthful.

Here’s how it works:


It contains a lot of vitamin A! One large stalk equals 10% of your daily Vitamin A requirements. Vitamin A helps with protecting eyes, while preventing age-related degeneration of your vision.

So studies are suggesting that eating celery every day, can give you whiter and brighter eyes. And also it can accelerate your vision!

There are many other health benefits to celery. It helps with bloating, reduces blood pressure and can detox your entire body, all while being very low in calories making it the ideal food to eat while dieting.

Plus, celery is insanely good for your bones.

Reading this chart, you simply can’t argue with these bone -related perks. 10/10 skeletons would agree.


Then there’s the lesser-known, but equally as important facts about celery — like the fact that it can enhance your sexual performance.

For men, celery can enhance the ability to get an erection, improving the quality of your sperm, and keeping your prostate healthy.

Additionally, it helps stop cells from mutating.

One compound in celery protects against free radicals and cell mutation. So what does that mean? Well, for starters, it can be instrumental in protecting against things like cancer.

So even on its own, celery is incredibly healthy — and we also find it to be incredibly delicious.

Then again, we won’t blame you if you prepare it like this, because this is pretty damn good, too.

source: Socialamazing