In the fight against cancer Dr. Shallenberger he is always advice patients to go for natural substances that inhibit cancer cell growth.

From his studies, green tea, resveratrol, and Seanol are few of his findings.

Studies have shown that a plant destroys cancer and stop diabetes. Dr. Shallenberger in one of his research revealed a plant that is effective in the fight against pancreatic cancer cells.

The fruit is called bitter melon and it is largely used in Okinawa, Japan.bitter melone

Dilute the juice to 5% in water and bitter juice destroyes pancreatic cancer cell lines in an incredible way.

These studies proved that bitter melon kills cancer cells on a dish. The question is: Will it cure people? Will it be effective with animals? Apparently yes.

Researchers at the University of Colorado tested bitter melon and the effect of mice was remarkable 64% reduction in the size of the pancreatic tumor. Even more, there were literally no side-effects.

The dose they used was about six grams of powder for an average human.

Bitter melon can also help diabetics and improve any metabolic problems due to its beneficial effect on the glucose metabolism.Bitter.Melon_

Normally if you have been diagnosed with cancer and diabetes should consult your doctor about the possibility for including the bitter melon treatment in your regular therapy.

This will have the greatest success in the fight against disease.

Sources :Higherperspective